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Smart Kids 小一入學面試培訓班

SMART Kids “Always do my best!”

SMART Kids’ is an intergrated programme which aims to develop your childs’ English language skills, general knowledge, common sense and basic manners. It is an ideal course to help boost your childs’ level of confidence and to encourage your child to be smart in class and at home!

What can my child benefit from this programme?

– Learn about good morals.

– Strengthen English proficiency in listening, reading and speech.

– Ability to use imagination and to ‘think out of the box’.

– Tackle basic problem solving activities.

– Take initiative to participate in group activities or competitions.

– Boost your childs’ level of confidence and be well prepared for P.1 interviews.

– Have a positive attitude towards learning.

Smart Kids 小一入學面試培訓班,適合現讀K2學生參加,課程集合德育、遊戲、常識及入學面試技巧,透過不同主題,配以適切、富趣味、生活化、競技、問答比賽遊戲等活動,激發兒童學習興趣和培養兒童正確學習態度,豐富學習經驗!

Smart Kids 課程能讓孩子……

  •  增強英語表達能力
  •  培養好品格、提升個人自信
  •  增強創作及欣賞事物的能力
  •  學習解決問題
  •  學習遊戲規則、聽從指令
  •  為入學面試作好準備


*上課日期 : 星期四

*上課時間:5:30pm - 6:45pm 

* 全期20 堂,2022年一月開課

$3480 (10堂)