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Artsnkids Workshop (Sunday Class)

Welcome to Artsnkids Workshop

Master the technique and media of sketching, drawing and painting. Composing pictures with children’s creativity by the means of oil pastels, poster colours, water colours and acrylics. Children will enjoy making their masterpiece amongst their peers and learn to express their real self via the process. This course will also enhance their observation, concentration and self-confidence during the class.


Every piece of drawing made by the kids is unique. Effort and persistence are given during the learning process. As parents, we always encourage and fully support the children, despite their ability, creativity and skill. This is love & appreciation.

Our Aim

– Develop children’s creative mindset.

– Practice their hand-brain co-ordination.

– Develop interpersonal relationships among their peers.

– Enhance their confidence.

– Learn to express the real self via the process.

– Enjoy the process of art making and cultivate their patience.